Who We Are

We are a network of educational, business, and cultural stakeholders that promote community enrichment and economic growth by attracting, retaining, supporting, and integrating people of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Mission & Vision

The Maine MultiCultural Center welcomes and champions diversity as essential to the economic and social vitality of Maine.

The Maine Multicultural Center is a network of educational, business, and cultural services designed to promote community enrichment and economic growth by attracting, retaining, and integrating immigrants to the greater Bangor community.


Through activities and programming that celebrate and promote diversity, we are the welcoming center for people who are new to Maine. Highlighting and celebrating the diversity that already exists in Maine, and promoting a better understanding of the native cultures of the New Mainers already in our community, we promote community enrichment and generate economic growth.

  • Breaking Bread with Our Neighbors: Pot luck dinners designed to bring community members together to experience the food and performing arts of our immigrant neighbors.
  • Multicultural Community Forum: Monthly forums – including discussions, panel presentations, and lectures – that examine the immigrant experience and highlight the cultural and ethnic diversity already present in the Greater Bangor area.
  • Munch and Mingle: Workshops for area teachers designed to build skills and confidence in addressing the needs of diverse students in the classroom.
  • Economic Development Conferences: Conferences designed to explore the impacts of immigration on area economic development. And to provide our local business and industry partners with the knowledge and tools they need to attract, hire, train, and retain immigrants in the local workforce. 
  • Partner Events: We partner regularly with a number of community organizations to help deliver and promote area events that support and showcase the cultural and ethnic diversity in our region. 


  • Resources: MMCC is in the process of mapping the area’s assets in order to be able to guide/refer immigrants to appropriate agencies and services, and to help them connect to vital community networks. The asset map will also allow us to identify gaps in support services that may exist in our community, plan/advocate for remediation of these gaps.  New immigrant populations typically require services such as: affordable housing; employment services; skills training; legal immigration services; cultural orientation; mentoring program; affordable housing; ESL classes for adults; ESL resources in schools; public benefits; interpretation services; international medical clinics; religious institutions/community; culturally appropriate food; and public transportation.
  • Referrals: MMCC can help new Mainers connect to local service providers. If you need information or a referral to a local service provider, call (207) 974-3223 or email
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