Maine Multicultural Center

The Maine Multicultural Center is a community-driven group representing Bangor-area business, cultural, and educational organizations. We promote community enrichment and economic growth by attracting, retaining, supporting, and integrating people of diverse cultures and backgrounds into greater Bangor.

Since Fall 2016, we have provided integrative services for New Mainers, while celebrating and promoting the racial, cultural, and ethnic diversity that already exists in the region. The Maine Multicultural Center helps connect new Mainers to
resources and services in their new community. We also offer presentations, conversations, community and teacher workshops, a database of resources, and opportunities for those in and around Bangor to meet neighbors and new friends, whether they are recent immigrants or longtime residents.


There are several resources available to our New Mainer neighbors, including a number of options for which you may qualify even if you are not a permanent resident.

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